Pro Dental Dallas Dental Office Doubles Patients Through Organic Leads

Pro Dental Dallas Case Study

This case study features Dr. Jason Roe, DDS, founder of Pro Dental Dallas. He is a prosthodontist, a dental specialist who focuses on implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and full mouth restorations.

Pro Dental Dallas Previous SEO Experience

When Dr. Roe bought the practice, he hired a company to build his website and run monthly SEO. After a few years, he decided to stop using that company and hired another agency to re-build his site and manage the SEO.

The second company managed the site from 2017 to 2018. Dr. Roe had no clue what the company was doing for him, which was his chief complaint with the first company he worked with. He asked us to look over his website and give him an evaluation of the work. 

In our initial review of the site, we noticed that they had a lot of duplicate blogs on their website that could easily be searched and found on other dental sites that the marketing agency managed. Repeated content actually hurts the SEO of your site. 

Also, as we mentioned, the company couldn’t provide a log of their work. For example, they said they were spending their time on backlinking to Pro Dental Dallas. However, they couldn’t provide Dr. Roe with the specific backlink information. 

R5 Website Management Took Over The SEO

In 2019, they let go of the company they had used to build their site and manage the ongoing SEO. They contracted us to develop their website and write a few blogs here and there. 

Right before the pandemic started In 2020, they contracted us to take over their SEO process. Since we had started right before the pandemic, they saw a significant drop in new patients in 2020. Some of that had to do with the fact the office closed for eight weeks during the year because of COVID. Plus, they take care of predominantly older patients, so many people in that demographic did not feel comfortable coming in for work. 

In 2021, you can see that the organic office patients increased, and they had their highest year. 

Results For SEO Services Over a 5 Year Span

Here is a look at the number of patients the office booked through organic leads: 

2017- 29

2018 – 36

2019 – 21

2020 – 30 

2021- 69 

As you can see, the number of organic patients really took off the year after we started working on the SEO. It’s hard to tell what the number of patients would have looked like in 2020 had it been a typical year. However, we would like to note that even in 2021, the office was being affected by the pandemic. Many of those new patients came in the second half of the year. 

Other Conversion Factors

In addition to the site getting way more traffic on account of our SEO efforts, we worked with the office to put things in place that would help with their conversions. Here is a breakdown of what we did to help them: 

-Added call tracking

-Created a follow-up plan for potential patients that just had questions

-added a chat feature on the site

-added an online scheduler

-pay a company to take their calls during lunch and after hours

Each of these things helped the office capture more leads, follow up with potential patients, and ultimately convert them into patients that the doctor saw. 

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