Hosting & Maintenance

We are able to provide hosting and maintenance on WordPress websites. We can still do the weekly maintenance if you have your own hosting for your WordPress site. It’s important to the function of your site to the plugins used to build your website updated. If you don’t update these plugins, your site can stop working or features break because of a conflict.

R5 Hosting And Maintenance Plan

Here is what you can expect to receive from our hosting and maintenance plan:

Website Hosting

Our standard hosting includes fully managed WordPress hosting, SSL certificate, daily backups, and security scanning.

Website Security

Our lockdown protocol hardens the WordPress system to make it more resistant to the actions of hackers. We employ industry-leading security software that actively guards your website against hack attempts at multiple levels in the WordPress system.

Software Updates

Each week, at our discretion, we will apply available updates for the WordPress core software, your theme files, and your plugin files. We perform these updates for the items that appear in the “Updates” area of your WordPress dashboard. We also watch WordPress industry security news and proactively perform these updates more frequently during times of enhanced threat levels.

While it is impossible to guarantee that your site will never be hacked, all of these techniques make your website a more difficult target for hackers. In addition, it is well known that hackers tend to exploit easier targets first – sites without security measures in place. If your site is hacked, we will restore it to pre-hack condition at no additional cost, either by restoring a site backup or performing a malware cleanup at our discretion. We shall have no other or further liability beyond the restoration of the site to the nearest available pre-hack condition.

Website Backups

Your website’s files and database will be backed up automatically each day your website has activity (if your website does not have activity, there is no need for a backup to occur). This backup is stored in our cloud data vault, where we typically retain the previous 30 backups for your site.

Restoring Backups

Should your site become compromised by a hack or if your site becomes inoperable because of user error, we will restore a backup for you.

If the restorations are the result of a hack, there is no limit to the number of restorations we will perform for you under this service.
If the restorations are due to user error, we will perform a maximum of 2 restorations in any 30-day period.

Additional user error-related restorations will be performed at our current hourly rate with a one-hour minimum.

Premium (Paid) Themes and Plugins

Many websites use themes and/or plugins that require the payment of a recurring license fee to maintain access to ongoing software updates. We have secured appropriate licensing for many of these.

If we have appropriate licenses for the themes and/or plugins used by your website, the cost for recurring license fees is included in your Hosting & Maintenance Services, and licensing will be maintained for you as long as you are an active subscriber to our Hosting & Maintenance Services.
If your website uses premium themes and/or plugins and we do not have appropriate licensing, the responsibility is yours to maintain the appropriate licensing to ensure the availability of updates.

We will advise you of the themes and/or plugins for which you will need to maintain licensing and assist you as needed in the process of obtaining them.

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