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Do you need professional SEO services for your website or do you own a small business that’s in need of Local SEO work? Here at R5 Website Management, we help our clients increase their online presence through our search engine optimization (SEO) services. With our services, we can help your small business get more organic website traffic and increase your leads on search engines like Google and Bing. We work with clients in many different industries and know how to target keywords that your potential customers are looking for.

SEO Services

We offer monthly search engine optimization (SEO) services without a contract. You will pay for the month’s services in advance, and we’ll work on your site for the following 30 days. While we don’t recommend you stop and start your services because it can affect your rankings, you can take a break anytime you need to. Search engine optimization services are great for small business owners and large companies.

Local SEO

For clients that have a brick-and-mortar business, we focus a lot of our time on a local SEO strategy. Even our clients that serve a national or global market will most often rank for their local market first on major search engines. Investing in search engine optimization efforts that will strengthen your local presence is important to increase your leads.  Our SEO company will do keyword research and choose the best-suited ones for local businesses and more.

Here is a look at our monthly SEO services:

New Website Pages & Blogs

Each month, we will write two new pages of content for your site. We always recommend that you focus on your local market first by having our team write city pages for you. A city page targets people who live in that area with the specific service you want to offer. We combine your service keyword, such as SEO, with the city you want to reach, such as Dallas. When we write specific content around those two terms, it gives Google the information it needs to pull up that page for the search term SEO in Dallas. Our team will also optimize the SEO title tags and meta descriptions for these pages to be unique and valuable to your local business.

In addition to city pages, our SEO Company will write blog content for our clients. Our copywriters will come up with relevant topics and research the information needed to write a valuable blog post. Also, we can use any resources or information you provide in the blogs we write and publish.

Keyword Optimization

Unlike some SEO companies, we don’t just focus on a small number of keywords. We work to help you rank for as many keywords as possible over time. Each month, our SEO company will do keyword research based on your competitors, a popular organic search, and what terms are already bringing traffic to your site.

Once we have a keyword SEO strategy in place, we will perform page optimization on your site to add those keywords. If you don’t already have relevant content, we’ll write new pages or blogs to target those words.

Google My Business SEO

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing that you are probably very familiar with. Anytime you do a search for something near you, three businesses will pop up at the top of the search results in a white box. This is a Google Business profile and it allows a person to click to call the business, visit their website, or get directions to their business.

If you haven’t set up a GMB page, we highly recommend you do that right away as this acts as your second website. It has the ability to bring you just as many leads as your website and will usually appear above your website URL. Sometimes, Google will create this listing for you if it pulls your name, address, and phone number from across the web. In this case, you’ll need to claim your listing and take over ownership of it.

Our team will manage your GMB page every month as part of our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and services. We do this by posting keyword-rich content on the page each month as well as adding geotagged images.


A backlink is when another website links to your website’s URL. Think of it as a vote for your website from other users. Google and other search engines take these backlinks into consideration when determining the authority of your site. If other people have taken the time to link back to you, then your site is likely relevant.

We provide you with one backlink per month, also called link building, as part of our services. We’ll do this in a variety of ways, such as directory listings, citations, guest posts, and linking among our network of blogs. This can be a huge help to small businesses, as it will help you increase your search engine rankings.

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