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What is Uptime Monitoring and Why Do I Need It?

website uptime monitoring

Keelie Reason

February 22, 2024Website Management

Is your website working right now? Are you sure? If you’re like most business owners, you don’t visit your own website very often. R5 Website Management offers Website Uptime Monitoring so that if your site crashes or has a lot of website downtime, we know about it and get it back up again fast.

What is Uptime Monitoring?

Uptime Monitoring is a 24/7 service to monitor your website and that checks whether your site is up or down. If your site goes down, we are immediately alerted. We can then troubleshoot the issue and get your site up and running again. This monitoring service feature is included in all of our Basic Website Care services.

Why would my site crash?

There are many reasons that a website could crash. Sometimes it is due to an attack, malware, or some other active problem. Many times it is simply neglect or bad timing.

Server Errors

Performance problems can arise on the hosting servers where your site is housed. When these occur, it is up to the hosting provider to address the issues. Too many server related crashes might mean it’s time to look for new hosting.

Software Conflicts

Modern websites are full of moving parts. WordPress sites are built on the WordPress core, run a theme, and are enhanced by plugins. Conflicts can happen between any combination of these three areas.

Usually, these conflicts result in broken elements on your site or a slower response time. Other times, it can bring your whole site down. This is why we also maintain backups and perform safe updates as part of all of our Website Care services.

Expired Hosting

If you don’t pay your power bill, you’ll find your business in the dark. Fail to pay your hosting bill, and your website will go dark. If you catch this in time, it can be a quick fix to simply bring your account up to date and get back online. If not, you could have a bigger issue on your hands.

A real-world example

We encountered this very situation not long ago. A business owner received a phone call from a customer saying, “Where is your website? I can’t find it.” Their entire site was down.

After some investigating, we were able to track down the problem. The business had a website built several years ago and purchased five years of hosting. The original developer went out of business and when the five years were ending, notification emails went out. But they went to the non-existent developer’s email address.

As it turns out, their website had been down for six weeks before they knew anything was wrong. They had to rebuild from scratch.

We’re here to keep an eye on things

When you have a Website Care plan from R5 Website Management, Website Uptime Monitoring is always included. We’ll keep an eye on your site and make sure it stays up and functioning so your customers can always find you. If you’re ready for some help with your website management, contact us today.

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