Why Taking a Real Vacation Boosts Your Productivity

When is the last time you took a real vacation? I’m not talking about going out of town with your computer in tow and working from the hotel room or car in between doing touristy things. What I am talking about is telling your clients you’re going out of town and you won’t be available for the duration of your vacation. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about how taking a real vacation and time away from work can boost your productivity. 

I know it may seem counterintuitive that we are saying to take days, if not weeks, off from work and you’ll get more done. But, it’s true! And we’re going to cover some of the reasons you tend to get more done. 

1. Hard Deadlines

Leading up to your vacation, you are giving yourself a hard deadline on your tasks and things you need to accomplish. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you have little wiggle room on deadlines. That’s why we say making deadlines is so important with your work anyways. 

But, if you know you’re not going to be able to submit work or get things done while you’re out of town, it’s going to make your time much more focused leading up to your trip. 

2. You Are Naturally Motivated

When you have a real vacation to look forward to, you become naturally motivated to get your work caught up. Even when you feel unmotivated or having a day where you are struggling to kick into gear, it can be a lot easier to push yourself because you know there’s a reward on the other side. 

3. Motivates Your Clients

Letting your clients know that you are going on a vacation and that you won’t be able to do work for them can actually motivate them to get you things you’re waiting on. Sometimes, your lack of productivity is to no fault of your own. It’s because you are waiting on your clients to submit the information you need to complete the task. 

4. Gives You Mental Space

While you are on vacation, you get a real break from work and your normal responsibilities. It gives you the ability to free up mental space and take a real step back from your life. Usually, I find that when I get back from a vacation, I’ve got a lot more ideas on things to implement in the business. And, I tend to feel more focused. 

5. Forces You To Delegate

If you have a team or assistants, going on a vacation forces you to delegate the work that you’d normally do. In cases like this, you may find that they are capable of doing more than you realize. In which case, this could lead to you handing off more tasks to them and freeing yourself up to do more in general. 


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Until next week, get out there and start breaking the mental chains that are keeping you from producing!

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