Can Running Google Ads Help With SEO?

Can Google Ads Help With SEO

Keelie Reason

February 22, 2024SEO

It’s challenging to figure out how you can help with SEO for your business. You can research and find many different options that you have and steps that you can take to make a difference. One recommended option is Google ads. R5 Website Management is a business that helps people with their SEO and takes that stress off of you. 

How Do Google Ads Help SEO?

One of the many options businesses have to improve their online presence is SEO and Google ads. You may be wondering if the ads are beneficial to your ultimate goal. The answer is yes; Google ads are a great way to improve different aspects of your webpage. Here are some examples and reasons why.

Better Knowledge On Keyword Usage

People use Google to search for information, buy things, or find businesses in their general location. The words that they use to search for that information helps us to know what keywords to use to get your information to pop up. The Google ads will show and let us know what was used to get the potential client to your location. 

Get A Better Idea Of Keyword Scores

Keywords have scores. These scores help us know what is working and what is not. Some words are used more commonly than others, and we need to know what is used the most to drive more traffic in. Between the keywords, terms, and more, we can potentially attract the ready-to-buy traffic you are looking for.

Reduces The Bounce Rate Of Your Site

When searches are done on Google, sometimes people will click through the top listed options. They will do this until they find the information they intend to see. If someone clicks on your site because it popped up concerning their search, but then they click right off, they didn’t spend much time on your site.

This is what is referred to as the bounce rate. When the descriptions, keywords, and phrases match correctly, you will receive longer time spent on your site by people. Google ads that pop up typically correspond to the information you are looking for. That makes them a great way to grab people’s attention and direct them to your page. 

Data To Support What Brings People To Your Page

Google ads are pretty specific about what they are advertising. They pop up and are more in your face than just plain words. When someone clicks on an ad that directs them to your site, you know the information they read is what brought them there. 

People searching through Google on the search bar will click multiple areas before landing where they are wanting. That can leave you confused on exactly what brought them to your site, even if it was only briefly. 

Contact R5 Website Management For More Information

If you are looking for someone to help you with Google Ads and SEO work, contact R5 Website Management today. We would be happy to give you any information you need about our services. Our goal is to make sure you are delighted with the work that we provide to you. Contact us today and get started on improving your online presence.

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