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Dealing With Productivity and Deadlines at The Holidays

The workload doesn’t slow down just because it is the holidays. Instead, you just increase the number of things you have to do during the week. So, how do you deal with deadlines for the work you have to do? In today’s episode, we are going to talk about prioritizing your work and personal deadlines, reducing your tasks, and off-loading work. We’ll also address how you sometimes just have to muscle your way through the busy season until things settle down, and creating a plan for the future. 

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How to prioritize your work and personal deadlines. 

  • Look at the month ahead and determine the non-negotiables. 
  • Create a schedule where you can leave room in your week for last-minute things to come up. 
  • Write deadlines on your calendar weeks in advance so the tasks that have to be done to reach that deadline get on your weekly list. 

Reduce your tasks 

  • Don’t work on anything that won’t further you to your deadlines. 
  • Cut out extra social events, network meetings, etc. Everyone is busy, it’s ok. 
  • Renegotiate delivery dates with your clients if possible.

Off-load your work

  • Do you have assistants you can hand work off to? Don’t wait, get it off your plate. 
  • Can’t offload your work tasks, then off-load household tasks. 
  • Don’t have help at home, let things slide. 
  • Pay convenience fees to reduce time commitment. (eat out, buy pre-made deserts, go simple on gifts)

Muscle your way through the busy season

  • Buckle down and get the work done. 
  • Work longer hours. 
  • Take breaks. 

Create a plan for the future

  • When things settle down, figure out how to put a process in place to catch the overflow. 
  • Look for additional help in whatever area of your work and personal life you can find. 
Austin Reason

Austin is a web developer who loves helping businesses take control of their online presence and reach more people.

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