What is The Google Helpful Content Update?

google helpful update

In August of 2022, Google began the launch of their new search algorithm update. The launch reached its completion at the end of September 2022. This update has been one of the largest that Google has launched in nearly a decade and has had a huge impact on how your website is ranked. Here is more information about the update and what you need to know. 

The Google Helpful Content Update

The algorithm update is designed to decipher whether a website’s content is directed towards people and not simply for the benefit of search engines. Those websites that are found to have excessive amounts of unhelpful content will see a dip in their traffic. Unhelpful content is content that doesn’t provide its readers with satisfaction or the answering of any real questions. 

The ultimate goal of the update is to help filter out low-quality or unhelpful content from search results. The websites that are sure to experience the largest dips in traffic will be the ones filled with irrelevant pages that are driven by SEO

Responding To The Update

Every page on your website, from your home page to your blogs and your service pages, should have quality information provided. We believe that this can be achieved by simply reading over your own material and asking yourself whether or not the information you have provided would be beneficial for your patients. 

Ask yourself, does the information provided include key information such as your philosophy of medicine, the treatment options you offer and the approach you take, is it clear on how to schedule an appointment, etc.? Remember, the more beneficial and clear information you provide to your readers, the better it is for you and for your website’s ranking. 

What Not To Do

Updating content on your site so that it is more relevant and helpful is great. Rewriting content that is outdated or no longer represents you or your office is fine. However, it is important to preserve the information that is already there and to avoid rewriting information that is already present. This is beneficial for your readers, as well as the SEO on the page. 

Our recommendation is that you provide the reader with new sections of information that may hold the information they are searching for. The addition of a FAQ section on each page is a good way to achieve this. Questions about symptoms or treatment can be added here simply by answering each question with 3-4 sentences you add to the content. 

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