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Tips On Getting More Reviews For Your Online Business

Tips On Getting More Reviews For Your Online Business

Keelie Reason

February 22, 2024Local SEO

As an online business owner, you don’t need us to tell you how important each and every review is for your business. In fact, most small online businesses live and die by their reviews, as they’re often the only thing potential customers have to go off of. If you’re like every other online business owner, you are searching for any way possible to get more reviews for your business. Here at R5 Website Management, we teach our clients that engagement on their Google My Business page can bring them more traffic. 

Here are some of the steps you can take to get your online business more reviews:

1. Get Your Google Review Link

You want your customers to give you a positive review, right? Well in order to do that, they need an actual place where they can leave a positive review. You can generate a review link to the Google My Business page that you want reviews for. In order to get that link, you will need to:

  • Login to your Google My Business account. 
  • Select the location you would like to manage. 
  • Click Home on the left-hand menu. 
  • Click on the “Get more reviews” card and copy the URL. 

This will be the URL you will send to your customers and clients to get more reviews. Sending them a direct link makes it more likely that they will leave feedback. 

2. Send the Link Via Email or Text

After a customer buys your product or purchases your services, you should send them a link via your preferred method. Many online business owners chose to set up a system that will automatically send emails or texts after a purchase. In this email or text, you can add the review link. 

If you’d prefer to select the people you send a review link to, then draft a short request and your custom URL. Send it out to those that have not left feedback before. If you do have a client that you think would want to share their review on more than one platform, you can direct them to Yelp or Facebook to share. 

3. Send Reminders

One important thing to remember is that your customer base is often just as busy as you are. This means that sometimes they just don’t have the time to leave a review. No worries! Send them a reminder with the link attached so they remember to fill out a review when they have more time on their hands. 

4. Turn a Compliment Into An Ask

When you are meeting with a client or customer and they give you a compliment, this is a great opportunity to ask them to leave a review. All you have to do is ask if they’d be willing to share that same information on Google. If they agree, send them the link or have someone in the office share it with them when they go to leave.

5. Leave Reminders On Your Website

There’s absolutely no shame in wanting a customer to leave a positive review. After all, your business is essentially fueled by Google reviews. Don’t be afraid to leave reminders all throughout your website, reminding customers to leave a review if they enjoy your products or services. 

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