What is The Google EEAT Update?

Google EEAT Update

Google’s EEAT update is an algorithm update to its search engine that rewards websites with high-quality content. The update is designed to ensure that Google’s search results are reliable and helpful to users. It achieves this by prioritizing websites with accurate information and expert authors. R5 Website Management can help you create high-quality content for your website that meets Google’s EEAT criteria improving your visibility and improving your overall online presence.

What Does EEAT Stand For?

EEAT stands for: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The update introduced Experience to the previously known EAT. In other words, Google is looking for quality and accuracy of content with a deep understanding of the topic being discussed. For instance, a website that has been active for many years, with a well-known author, and is backed by expert opinions is considered to have high EEAT ratings. Even with the new addition of Experience, trust remains at the center of it all. Without trust your EEAT rating will always remain low, no matter how much experience, expertise or authoritativeness you display. 

What Does The EEAT Update Mean For You? 

The EEAT update has created an expectation that professionals need to go above and beyond to demonstrate their trustworthiness. This includes establishing a good reputation, being reliable, providing evidence of their expertise, delivering quality services, and engaging in meaningful conversations about their work. This helps to build a strong bond between the professional and the client, which is essential for a successful relationship.

Benefits of the EEAT Update 

The EEAT Update provides a platform for professionals to maintain and update their skills, as well as build a strong connection with the client. It also allows clients to access the professional’s latest work and get a better understanding of their capabilities. The EEAT Update can be an excellent way to show off your professional skills and build trust which are two key components in any successful business. The EEAT update benefits trustworthy business owners who have developed their expertise and authority through many years of experience. In essence, it’s promoting businesses that are trustworthy and provide quality products and/or services.

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