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Top Mindset Shifts You Need to Make to Increase Productivity With Ryan Horn

Working for yourself and creating your own business requires you to have a different mindset than a person who works for someone else. Without making this mindset shift, you’ll limit yourself and keep your business from growing. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking with Ryan Horn about the biggest hangups for most entrepreneurs and different mindset shifts you need to make to keep producing.  

Thinking like an employee versus an entrepreneur isn’t the same. If you don’t make that mental shift, it’s really hard to grow your business. We’d like to introduce Ryan Horn, creator of The Brotherhood of Extraordinary Men Mastermind and the Extraordinary Men Mastermind Podcast. 

Ryan, this is where you’ll share about yourself and anything you want the audience to know about you or your business.

What Mindset Shifts Do Entrepreneurs Need to Make to be More Productive?

You should not think you need to do everything by yourself. There are many parts of the business that will not play to your strengths and you should hand those tasks out to other people. Many people look at the money it will cost to hire out the work and think it is more than it would cost for them to do it. What they don’t consider is how much more productive they would be if they were able to focus solely on the things they are good at.

What Are Some of Your Most Productive Habits?

Having a good and consistent morning routine is very beneficial. Things like working out to wake yourself up, or listing out tasks for the day to organize your thoughts.

What Keeps You From Being Productive? 

Other things that need to be done like chores can be very distracting. Having these other things you need to do can often cause you to put off work, especially if the work you have is something you don’t want to do. To prevent this it is important to have very clear distinctions between work time and other times.

How Can Someone Get in Touch With You? 

To check out Ryan’s podcast and get in touch with him click here.

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