Top SEO Trends To Boost Your Rankings In 2022

Top 2022 SEO Trends

If you’re a small business owner, you know how important it is to grow your website traffic. Promoting your website through SEO strategies is key to increasing your online presence and your client base. Here’s a look at the top SEO trends that will boost your rankings this year. 

Focus On Your Content

More small business owners are creating content that is evergreen and user-friendly. Creating evergreen content means writing valuable content that will stay fresh for a long time. The content will always remain relevant to your readers. 

You can do this by creating lists or videos relevant to your business. Consider content related to your services and write valuable information that can help people in every season. 

Organizing Your Content

Keeping your content organized is one of the best things you can do to boost your rankings. When people click on your website, they should easily see the information they need. If your menu is easily accessible and organized, potential clients can find what you have to offer them. 

Writing Valuable Information

It’s essential for SEO rankings that you write valuable content for your readers. You can organize it and optimize SEO by utilizing your headers and clearly labeling them when writing content.

  • Keep a balance between long-form and short-form content
  • Use H2 and H3 headers and include your keywords
  • Sprinkle keywords or phrases throughout your content to optimize SEO
  • Include internal and external links that offer more information for your readers

Format your content in the best way that keeps your readers as your focus. This not only helps you gain authority but it expands your rankings in Google. 

Improve User Experience

There’s a good reason speed is high in SEO trends this year. When you visit any website, you want to access the information you need quickly. It’s frustrating if the website takes a long time to load. If this happens to your readers, they may search for information elsewhere. 

Consider increasing your website speed to improve your user experience. If you’re not sure about your website speed, you can run free tests using Google Analytics. This tool helps you learn about your website speed, views, performance, and more. 

Consider Mobile Navigation

Expanding user navigation is a part of improving the user experience of your website. Today, most people search for information on mobile devices rather than on a desktop. Giving your readers the best impression of your website will boost your rankings and increase your clients base. 

Organizing the structure of your site is just as important as managing your content. Since Google tracks the time people spend on your site, it’s vital to improve your readers’ experience. Here are a couple of tips to test website navigation.

  • Take a few minutes and visit your website as a potential client
  • If you notice any difficulty, change it right away
  • Check menu navigation and clearly label your categories
  • Make sure your contact page is accessible to see

If you notice your site has navigation issues, consider creating a fresh design. Simplicity is essential for your readers. Choose a professional design with simple menu options. 

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