Why Is Backlinking Important?


If you’ve Googled SEO ever or talked to anyone about it, you’ve probably heard the term backlinking thrown around like it is common knowledge. But what is a backlink? In simple terms, it’s any time a website links to your website. 

Why is Backlinking Important? 

Think of backlinks like votes or likes for your website. Google sees that other sites are referencing your site as an authority. This is a great way to bring legitimacy to your content and your business. 

Another reason backlinking is essential is that it can serve as referral traffic to your site. For example, if someone finds your listing on Yelp or Facebook, they can click the link to your website. This is considered referral traffic because another website sent the traffic to you. 

Also, backlinking can bring exposure to your products, services, and philosophy. If a blogger or news source links to a blog post or page on your site as a resource, it could create brand awareness. 

What Types of Backlinks Are There? 

Here is a look at the different types of backlinks you can get to your site: 

1. Directories And Citations

Usually, a directory or citation is a page on a site that shares your company’s pertinent information. These backlinks are pointed to your home page and paired with your company’s name, phone number, and address. 

This type of backlink is meant for local businesses with at least a phone number. If you have a company that operates out of your house, some of the directory or citation sites will let you post while others will not. 

2. Podcast Interview

When you are interviewed on a podcast, you can usually submit your contact information and website address for people to check out your site. Any time you are interviewed on a show, make sure that you have a bio that links to your website and your social media pages. 

3. Social Media Platforms

Any social media platform you set up for your business will give you a place to add a URL. Some companies will use a website like Linktree to act as a quick link resource for their users. One downfall to that strategy is that you don’t get the backlink to your website from the platform. 

That is not to say that you shouldn’t use Linktree or other services like it, but you need to determine if it is being used. If you don’t have an engaged audience on a social media platform, it’s better to link to your website since that helps the SEO of the site. 

4. Guest Posts

You can write a blog post and submit it to another website or news source to be published. When you do, it’s normal to link back to a blog post or resource on your website within the content. As long as you link to something that makes sense in the article, most bloggers and news sources will leave the link.

Also, when you submit guest posts, you often get the opportunity to give them a bio. In your bio, make sure to link back to your home page. 

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