How To Write A Customized Meta Description for Your Online Business

how to write a meta description

Keelie Reason

February 22, 2024SEO

There are many different aspects that go into writing a customized meta description for your online business. Learning how to write a meta description properly can be invaluable to your company’s online presence. You have to research keywords and know where to put them and where not. Many businesses will hire an SEO company to write these for them, as having a professionals outlook can sometimes be very beneficial to your business. 

Meta Description

When potential clients, patients, or customers are searching for companies or businesses to meet their needs, they usually will turn to search engines such as Google. When they type in what they are looking for all the options will pop up. Under the clickable link that comes up, there is a little blurb about what they can find on that site. This is helpful so people know where they are being directed and if it is going to pertain to them. 

The length of your meta is something that is very important. You want the title to be able to show up clearly and visibly to the individual. There are simple ways to go about making sure that your meta meets the right standards for not being cut off online. Yoast SEO Plugins are helpful to use, they give you a red when it isn’t enough or too many words or green light for just the right amount. Plus, always have your company or business name in your meta.

Why Do I Need A Meta Description

There are so many sites that pop up when people are doing Google searches. The meta description is thought of as an advertisement for your site. This is a short little description of what is found on your site and at your business. People can use that to know if they really want to visit your site or not. This is what’s referred to as organic traffic. Customers and clients that find your page on their own fruition. Whether to visit blog posts, check out products, purchase goods, and services, growing organic traffic on your site starts with a well-written meta.

Why Adding Keywords Is So Important

The keyword that you are using is important to make sure you come up on Google and other search engines when people are searching for particular things. This keyword is a must to include when you write meta descriptions. That is just another added bonus to the probability of getting the click of the individual. 

It depends on what type of article you are writing on how you want to incorporate keywords and how you will write your meta description. Whether it is a blog post, service page, or home page, you will have certain ways that you do things. Generating organic traffic is crucial for growing your online presence. Having specific title tags and keywords can be the difference between a great meta description, and generic duplicate meta descriptions.

How To Do A Blog Meta Description

A blog post is a content post that you are writing for readers to view. They usually are filled with information that you know your readers will enjoy. Choosing a meta description for a blog post you need to review and think about a way to express what is written in the blog. It is kind of like a short glimpse into what they are getting ready to read. 

How To Do A Service Page Meta Description

The service page on your webpage is the one that people are going to view to see if you offer what they are looking for. They can read about what the services are and what they mean. It is important to have this as up-to-date and correct as possible. Then writing a meta description should be able to reflect that they are clicking to view services. 

How To Do A Customized Page Meta Description

Your home page is a lot of times going to be the first thing that people see when viewing your website. This page is a nice representation of what your business is about and where you serve. The meta for your home page can include the city name and the business name. 

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