Why Does Google Business Keep Updating My Lisitng Information? 

Why Does Google Business Keep Updating My Lisitng Information?

Google is all about providing users with useful and accurate content. To ensure this, Google frequently updates its business listings to ensure that customers have access to the latest information about a business. If you are not too tech savvy and need help with your Google Business Profile (GBP), R5 Website Management can help! Do not fall behind on the technical innovations of Google and make a plan to use these automatic Google Business updates to your advantage! 

To Account For Google User Suggestions 

Sometimes your Google Business Profile will update due to customer suggestions. For instance, if customers suggest changes to your hours, website, name, or other attributes, these changes can be reflected in your Google My Business profile. However, Google only approves information if it proves to be accurate. Afterall, the whole point of automatic GBP updates is to provide accurate and useful content to users. User suggestions also help you stay in compliance with Google’s guidelines, another added benefit.

To Provide Information from Other Online Sources

Other times Google will change the information in your Google Business Profile if it finds other online resources supporting the change. With these changes you need to be careful as this process can make mistakes and pull keywords from your site that have nothing to do with what you do. For example, if you are a writer with a portfolio filled with articles on various topics, Google might pull this info and add it to your GBP. It is always smart to stay consistent about your business services, hours, and location on the web. This is so Google will only pick up accurate information for your Google Business Profile.

To Provide Information from Google AI 

Google AI is new and on the rise, using storefront information collected through Street View, Google user suggestions, and other online sources. Google AI then uses this collective profile to automatically update your storefront information on your Google Business Profile, which can improve your visibility to potential customers. It also helps to ensure that your business information is accurate and up-to-date, so customers can easily find your business and make informed decisions. The automatic profile updates are not to pester business owners with guideline rules, it is to keep Google as number 1 for producing accurate information. For example, if a business moves to a new location, Google AI will detect this change and automatically update the address on the business’s profile saving you time and money!

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