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The Latest Google My Business Updates in 2021

Keelie Reason

February 22, 2024Local SEO, SEO

The online presence that your business has can improve the amount of business that you have. Google My Business is a platform that anyone can use to help control their online appearances. It is used to help people find you better, update information about your business, and more. In this article, we will discuss the changes that have been made to this tool for the year 2021. 

The Ability To Check Restaurant Restrictions

At the beginning of the pandemic, many restaurants were shut down to any inside customers. They resorted to online services and curbside pick-ups. Google My Business added to their features and made all the information that people needed available online. Many restaurants offered services such as:

  • Delivery Through The Restaurant, DoorDash, or GrubHub
  • No Contact Pick-Up
  • Curbside Pick-up 
  • Online Ordering Availability

Once businesses could have customers back inside the building, they continued to offer these services. There were strict guidelines on capacity or service that had to be followed. Those rules, regulations, and precautions were able to be viewed online. 

You Can Check Health And Safety Protocols

Covid-19 brought about many concerns for people going out in public. While most of the United States was mandating masks be worn, not everywhere was. The latest update to Google My Business allows you to go online and see what the health regulations are at the business. They can list important information such as:

  • Their Rules Regarding Mask Wearing For Customers and Employees
  • If You Need An Appointment To Go Inside
  • If They Are Checking Temperatures Of The Staff and Customers
  • If Employees Are Required To Wear PPE

This is particularly helpful for people at a higher risk when it comes to the coronavirus. They want to visit places that are taking sanitation and preventative measures seriously. It is also a beneficial way for customers to be prepared before entering your building. 

You Can View If The Business Is Providing Online Services

When the pandemic first started, everything went on lock-down. This was a challenging time for many people who were used to being on the go so much. Google My Business made it to where people could search online for information regarding what services companies were providing online. 

The internet was a powerful tool during the pandemic, and it still is. Many kept their doors open by having the opportunity to offer their services online. Not all were able to do this, but the ones that could be provided were:

  • Online Viewings Of Plays
  • Dance Recitals On Zoom
  • Video Conferenced Escape Rooms
  • Telemed Visits With Your Doctor
  • And More

Improved Data Information 

With Google My Business, you can view the amount of traffic you are getting to your site. It is important to know the amount of traffic it is drawing in. Reports will be made to show you how people came to find your page. The words that were used to result in your business showing up in Google, along with phrases that were used to find you, will be shown on these reports. 

This information will let you know your keywords and what is working for your business. Because the more people that are able to find your site means the more business that you can get. Google My Business has made that information available for you to view for six months. 

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